What Are the Best Car Air Fresheners?

Regardless of a car’s history, odors inhabiting the vehicle are a common, troublesome nuisance. You may be unaware of the odor in your car. After cleaning the car, it is possible the bad smell remains. Would you like to eliminate it? Provided here, are the best in car air fresheners.

The products take care of the nasty aroma and keep the car smelling new and fresh. Air fresheners eliminate foul odors and provide an inviting and pleasant fragrance. Multiple approaches provide various solutions. There are great solutions that range from fresheners to purifying bags. Stale cigarette and pet odors are particularly challenging to remove. Sometimes cars just smell old. These products step up to the task to defeat the stench.

Air Fresheners that Cause No Harm

You may wonder why I am doing a product review on something as simple as a car air freshener. Air fresheners are more powerful than given credit. Many have lots of chemicals. The cabin on an automobile is made of surprisingly delicate materials such as various adhesives, plastics, and leathers. It is of importance to know adding an extra element will do no harm. These first three items may not seem like conventional air fresheners.

What are the best car air fresheners?

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

This item is natural and free of harsh chemicals. The simplest way to describe it is a linen bag containing bamboo charcoal. Nothing else is added. The activated charcoal scrubs excess moisture from the air that is a breeding ground for bacteria, mildew, and mold.

Those things cause bad odors. The purifying bag stops them in their tracks. Using it eliminates bad odors in a vehicle. After care is quite simple. Every month place the bag in the sun. It dries and re-activates the charcoal. The bag can be used for two years. It does not have to be placed in the trash after serving its air freshening purpose. Sprinkle the contents on plants as a nutritious food source.

What are the best car air fresheners?

FRiEQ Ionic Car Air Freshener and Purifier

The air freshening and purifying gadget looks like something from a Sci-Fi movie. It works on a similar principle as the Moso bag. The device works to eliminate the cause of bad odors before they develop. Rather than removing excess moisture, it releases negatively charged ions in the cabin of the car.

The device destroys mold and bacteria. It also targets cigarette smoke that lings for a long time. This futuristic device is based on science and technology. Negative ions naturally exist. The purifier operates by plugging it into the 12-volt charger of the car. No refills or filters are ever required. Put it in and it does its job.

What are the best car air fresheners?

Meguiar’s Whole Car Air Freshener

Everyone loves the new car smell and misses it when it goes away. This car air freshener spray contains a compound that also targets and eliminates the source of bad odors in the car. It won’t go after your pets. The spray functions on a molecular level by targeting mold and bacterial spores and stops bad smells quickly. A spray has an added advantage. It passes through the ventilation system of the vehicle, which helps get into nooks and crannies to root out well-hidden odor causes. As a bonus, the all important new car smell is back.

Brand Name Car Air Fresheners

Brand names surround us. They carry a certain amount of weight when choosing a product. When we hear brand names that are familiar to us, we have a preconceived idea about them. A brand that delivers a quality product, receives good press, and aligns with our values has a positive connotation. There are two brand name car air fresheners that meet the above criteria.

What are the best car air fresheners?

Febreze Car Air Fresheners

These are car vent clips. They smell fantastic, are easy to install, and affordable. Each small freshener lasts about 30 days. There are six car air scents that are available. They are the original pine forest, Gain island fresh scent, linen and sky, Hawaiian aloha, fresh and shimmer, and fresh citrus scent.

An awesome feature of the clips in the scent level is adjustable. It is a feature that rarely is found in air fresheners. Rotating the knob clockwise increases the scent level. Counterclockwise provides a more discrete scent. This product is a two-in-one deal, because it also eliminates odor as well as perfumes the vehicle.

What are the best car air fresheners?

Yankee Candle Gel Car Jar Air Freshener

This hanging car air freshener is among the best in overall performance. It is an air freshener that gives the performance needed. The paperboard is infused to provide long lasting fragrance. Users love it because of its car jar ultimate performance. It comes with an odor-neutralizing fragrance.

Typically, it lasts for about four weeks. There is an indicator label. Replace the insert when it shrinks below the label. The model also features car vent sticks that can be placed on the vent for better fragrant air circulation. It can be used at home or other spaces.

Novelty Car Air Fresheners

Novelty fresheners serve two purposes. One is to provide amusement and the other its practical function of neutralizing bad odors in the car. More emphasis should be placed on the air freshener capability so that you are not spending money on something that is little more than a glorified toy for the car. Many styles are available. Below are two that I like.

What are the best car air fresheners?

Little Tree Black Ice Freshener

You may be surprised that this iconic product made the list. An image of a little hanging tree on the rear view mirror is usually what pops into mind when we think about air fresheners for the car. This brand has been available for many years. It may not be as highly technical as other products listed here, but it has passed the test of time. The reason it is low on the list is the fragrance does not last as long as other. They come in 24-count packs. As the perfumes fades, it is easy to replace them. It is a traditional product that has been available nearly as long as cars.

What are the best car air fresheners?

RoyAroma Wooden Acorn Essential Oil Diffuser

The item is not only an ornament but a mini essential oil diffuser. It is thoughtful, beautiful, and occupies a small area. The diffuser is made of smooth natural wood materials. With the use of your favorite essential oils, you refresh yourself, relieve fatigue, and enjoy a wonderful journey. No pads are needed. Fill the bottle in the acorn with your choice of oil, but the stopper in place and wet it. Aroma diffuses from the stopper.

Bottom Line

When you buy an air freshener for your car, consider the type you would like to have. The list above provides a variety of types available. Among the benefits of car air fresheners is they make the ride more enjoyable. Some do more than mask odor. They neutralize the source of the smell. Please add questions and comments below. Let me know if the is a product you would like to have researched.

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