Eight Best Car Windshield Sun Shades

The heat that gets inside your car when it is parked causes a lot of issues. The car interior gets especially hot if there are metallic elements or leather seats. Heat inside the car after it is parked is the main reason drivers hate driving on hot summer days.

Not only does.the sun cause discomfort, interior parts of the car can be damaged. Most parts will discolor after being exposed to the heat of the sun. Plastic parts may crack or break. Counteract the discomfort and damage with one of the in car sun shades listed below.

One of the best car sunshades

Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade

The shade opens to block 95 percent of the sunlight. It then collapses to a dinner plate size package. The compact design is easy to store. Durable materials used in the construction imply it will withstand heavy daily use. The size provides ideal coverage for a car. There are three sizes from which to choose. The sun shade is affordably priced.


  • 100 percent nylon with 210T threading
  • Folds to compact size
  • Keeps car cool
  • Silver-coated, radiant barrier system reflects 95 percent of sunlight
  • Strong frame
  • Tear proof


  • Tedious to place in the windshield

Star Wars car sun shade

Star Wars Car Sun Shade

Seldom do I ask readers to avoid a product, but I feel it is necessary for those want a Star Wars car sun shade. There are several advertised on Amazon. The one pictured here is the one I recommend. The Plasticolor Star Wars Sunshade appeared on several recommended reviews when I was doing my research, but too many customer reviews reported the picture fades quickly and the product crumbled and flaked. In fairness to the product, it received a 4.2 out of five rating, with 61 percent giving it five stars.


  • Fun, cute design
  • Good quality
  • Handy attached strap to aid in folding
  • Heavy duty
  • Keeps car cool
  • Protects the leather dashboard


  • May be too large for some vehicles

Covercraft car sun shade

Covercraft Car Sun Shade

This is one of the custom car sun shades. It is an accordion-style shade to fit select GMC and Chevrolet models. The company offers styles made for other makes or models. The UV shield protects the dashboard. It is similar to applying a high-SPF sunblock to the dashboard without the greasy residue. The shade builds an impenetrable wall between the dashboard and the sun. It has a triple-layer defense. Every color features a coating that reflects light and keeps the interior cool.


  • Custom-patterned to follow windshield contour
  • Durable accordion-style shade
  • Insulated foam core center
  • Silver reflective surface on the outside
  • Soft felt surface on the inside


  • A little bulky to store

An in car sunshade


The Ezyshade windshield sunshade has unique features in a simple style. Your car is kept safe from being damaged or overheating when the sun is beating down on the windshield. Being available in different sizes is one of the unique features. There are sizes for large cars, regular cars, and sports mobiles. They provide better coverage. There are no corners for the sun to enter. Instead of one large shade, it consists of two small shades that make installing and storing easier.


  • Two shades combine to use as one making handling simple
  • Three sizes
  • Travel pouch makes the shades mobile
  • UV protective layers help keep car as much as 82 percent resistant to heat


  • Design only on one side
  • No suction cup to keep in place

a car sunshade windshiled

Big Hippo Sun Shade

The Big Hippo has unique features that suit your needs. It effectively blocks sunlight which helps regulate the inside temperature of the car. The sun shade has a universal fit suitable for any car. It folds easily when needed to be stored. High-quality material helps give a long-lasting life Ease of use, longer durability, and aesthetic design make this a popular sun shade option. It provides value for the money.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Fits any car windshiled
  • High-quality materials
  • Superior protection


  • Universal size is not favored by all

One of the best car sunshades

Auto Expression Sun Shade

This is a classic looking sun shade for the windshield. It has silver panels and can be folded when not is use. The sun shade is a bit bulky, but its functionality makes up for the bulkiness. Its double-thick insulation prevents UV rays from damaging your car. The car is kept cool on hot summer days. It can be used vertically or horizontally.


  • Available in standard and jumbo sizes
  • Cut out for rear view mirror
  • Great sun protection
  • Keeps car cool
  • Suction cups attach to the windshield


  • Suction cups work with mixed results.

One of many in car sun shades

Enovoe Window Shades

High-quality construction helps offer intense heat protection. The internal temperature of the car is kept stable and cool. Children and other passengers are protected from harmful sun irritation. Static-cling technology secures them to the car window. They are easy to apply and remove without hassle. There are no worries about suction cups or adhesives.


  • Blocks as much as 97 percent of UV radiation
  • Comes in size suited for large cars
  • Dual layer offers protection and maintains driver visibility
  • High-quality material


  • During cool temperatures, static-cling technology does not work well
  • Static cling issues have caused the shade to fall on passengers.

Car sunshade windshield

OxGord Sun Shade

The dimensions of this sun shade are 55 x 28 inches and offer a universal fit. Set up and folding are a cinch. Storage straps make it easy to fold when storing it is necessary. It helps the car stay cool by blocking the heat and UV rays. This sun shade is among the best options when the most effective means of keeping the interior of the car is of importance. The reflective material blocks harmful UV rays and heat.


  • Effectivee UV ray protection
  • Easy to install, use, and store
  • Made by trusted manufacturer
  • Offers god value
  • Universal fit


  • Suction cups do not work well

Bottom Line

It is impossible to tell how effective a sun shade will be by looking at a picture. A sun shade with a low customer rating can still offer a unique utility. The size of the sun shade can be a deciding factor. Universal fit is good for most drivers. Check to see if there are multiple sizes available if the shade is not a universal fit.

The shades mentioned above are affordable and accessible to everyone. Feel free to comment or ask questions about any of the shades listed here. If you have a product you would for me to research, list it in the comments below. I will make it a high priority on my list of products to review.

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