Best Professional Pet Grooming Supplies to Use at Home

pet grooming supplies equipment

Grooming is about more than keeping your dog clean. Looks are not the only thing that matters. Regular grooming aids in maintaining your dog’s health and it is an excellent way to bond with your dog. How do you choose the right pet equipment supplies?

There are some popular pet products such as grooming gloves and the Furminator, but the world of grooming supplies used by professionals is much broader. They use time-tested, pet grooming supplies equipment that can take frequent use for odor control, ear care, eye care, and de-shedding. Groomers know what works. The following are professional dog grooming tools that can be used at home.

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Rubber Surface Grooming Table

The Flying Pig Hydraulic Grooming Table is expensive. It is a professional-grade, top-quality table. A foot-operated hydraulic lift allows comfortable grooming for hours. The table adapts to you, so there is no more bending. There are also a grooming arm that has a loop and four leg levelers.

The life ranges from 19.5 inches to 39.75 inches. It allows working with pets of any size or shape. An all-steel H-base provides stability. The smart Z-frame is an anti-wobbling and fast lifting feature. It is expensive. Quality comes at a high price. The table is a combination of practicality and ergonomic. There are smaller versions that are not as expensive.


  • Excellent table for passionate dog breeders and owners.
  • Heavy-duty
  • Holds up to 330 pounds
  • Pre-assembled


  • Expensive

Dog Brushes and Combs

An entire article can be written about combs and brushes for pets. They are comparable to a hammer and screwdriver in a tool kit. Brushes and combs get plenty of use when keeping a pet mat-free, clean, and looking its best. You need the best brush or comb for the job.

The types include:

  • Slicker brush
  • De-matting comb
  • Glove brush
  • Rake comb
  • Bristle brush
  • Wire-pin brush
  • Flexing blade

professional pet grooming supplies

Slicker brushes depend on short, fine, clustered wires to remove dead hair and small mats from your pet’s coat. The sharpened metal teeth of de-matting combs are meant to slice through tangles. Only one side of the blade is sharp. The comb curves away from a pet’s skin and does not cause irritation or pain.

Glove brushes are synthetic gloves or flexible cloths that have tiny rubber pegs on the fingers and palm. Rake combs are meant to remove matted portions of a pet’s undercoat. Bristle brushes remove dead skin cells and loose hairs from short-haired dogs such as greyhounds. Wire-pin brushes are fantastic for working through coats of pets with medium-length or curly hair. Flexing blades are plastic handles with a flexible, large metal loop attached. They have small teeth used to remove dead hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner

You may be tempted to buy cheap dog grooming supplies for your pet based on smell or price. It is important to use a quality shampoo that takes care of your pet’s skin and coat type. It provides an excellent base for a grooming session and saves lots of headaches caused by issues such as a dry coat or skin.

professional pet grooming supplies

If your pet has longer hair, a quality detangle spray and comb are a miracle worker for removing and preventing mats. Tropiclean Tangle Remover is an excellent choice. It cuts brushing in half. The detangler makes every other step in the process easier. It is detergent and soap-free. Tropiclean is an Eco-friendly product for dogs and cats. It can be used on dogs such as Maltese, Schnauzer, and Poodle. Customers have used it on cats with matted fur.

Trimmers and Clippers

pet grooming and supplies

The length of your pet’s hair depends on the size of blade on the clippers. The more blade there is the less hair there will be. Go easy. Clipping too fast makes a pet’s coat look sloppy and leaves clipper lines in the hair. One of the best-selling dog-grooming clippers is the Wahl U-Clip Deluxe Pro Home Pet Grooming Kit.

The 16-piece kit includes

  • Clippers
  • Cleaning brush
  • Blade guard
  • Blade oil
  • Scissors
  • Vinyl apron
  • How-to video
  • Styling comb
  • Seven attachment guide combs that are color-coded

All supplies are kept in a provided, reusable storage case. The steel blades of the clipper will not rust or become defective. It works best on medium and fine coats. Trying to use a nail clipper to trim your pet’s nails can be difficult, especially if the pet expresses disinterest in the procedure. The key is good technique and the best nail clipper. There are two ways to trim a pet’s nails – electrical and mechanical. They are significantly different. The link below offers some free advice on pet grooming.

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pet grooming supplies equipment

The Epica Professional Nail Clipper is suitable for large and medium nails because of the spacing of its blades. It can handle thick nails. The clipper has an edge that is sharp and precise for detailed clipping. There is an easy to grip rubber handle. It locks closed for safety.


There are four steps to grooming pets

  • Brushing
  • Washing
  • Cutting/Trimming
  • Accessory work

There are many pet grooming supplies available and many techniques to learn. Grooming pets does not end with simple brushing. The information and products mentioned in this article are meant to make the process easier and more enjoyable. It is meant to ensure the pet spa day doesn’t end in an accident or the use of the wrong grooming tools.

For more details of grooming or a refresher course, check out the link above for additional help and read my article about the benefits of dog grooming. Leave any questions or comments about grooming pets below. If there is a product you would like for me to research, add that to the comments below as well.


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