About Glenda

Product Research

Welcome to Research Done for You. If you shop online and what to find the best products available, research is required. This site is intended to make choosing quality easier for you. You will find products that have been recommended by multiple reviews. Both the pros and cons of the product will be discussed.


As a freelance writer, many of my clients were people or organizations that were promoting individual or groups of products. I became quite good at finding the best products available. Instead of working for someone else, I decided to cut out the middle man. Clients have been pleased with the work I have done and I feel confident in my ability to lead people down the right path to finding quality products.


My husband says I have ‘NERD’ written across my forehead. I like doing research. Many people do not. I take the burden of selecting products off of the consumer. I choose products that are commonly searched for on the internet. My job is to research products for anyone who asks me to do so. If you have some products that you would like information about in order to make an informed decision, let me know below. My response will be quick.


The Goal of this Site

The goal of the site is to take any product and search for information about it on the web. To make a suggested list, the product must receive multiple favorable reviews. The information provided presents multiple products in a category. and gives both the pros and cons of each product.

A link to the products is provided to help my viewers find them online. This also cuts down on necessary research to find a product that you. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular as our lives become more and more busy. The work I do is meant to make your shopping experience easier.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Glenda Wagner